Frugal Film Project – Dan Marinelli


It had been a few years since I picked up the old Zeiss folder and whenever you pick up a camera that you haven’t worked with recently, it takes a little bit to get in the flow. The zone focus thing was pretty easy for me to accommodate  but I forgot how poor the viewfinder is on my particular camera.

It’s so cloudy and scratched up it, can make composing an image a bit difficult, but you learn to see the picture in other ways after a few shots. I mostly just messed around on this roll to get a better feel for what sort of exposure settings I will use moving forward.

I forgot how flat hp5 can be without a yellow or red filter, so for the next roll, I will grab a clip-on filter to give my images a little more pop. As a result, I did adjust the contrast a touch in Snapseed as well as fixed a couple of off-kilter horizon lines.

I always try to limit any edit of my photos but it was necessary on nearly every photo I took. I also played with double exposure a little bit on the roll and I really liked the results on one picture. I may experiment with this later on in the year. One of my goals of the project is to produce a complete contact sheet of 12 images, in theme and well exposed, to serve as the end product. 

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Dan Marinelli

  1. A beautiful shot! There is nothing wrong with editing as long as it’s done to make your vision a reality and not done to deceive. Too many folks on the Internet grab torch and twitter fork any time a photog is caught veering from the negative. Ansel Adams spent a lot of time in the darkroom. It’s perfectly reasonable to spend some time in Lightroom. Keep up the awesome photos!

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