Frugal Film Project – Dale Rogers

Dale Rogers, Phillip Island Australia 

Canon T70 / Illford HP5+ 

I’ve had this T70 for several months. I picked it up from a University student for $36. It all seemed to work fine however the first time I shot with it none of my exposures turned out – they were all horribly underexposed. I decided this was due to me not reading the T70 manual and assuming I knew how to shoot it in manual mode. Turns out manual mode is not really manual mode but more of a shutter priority mode. Nevertheless I wanted to throw this camera into the Frugal Film Challenge and learn how to get the most out of it. 

 After I browsed the T70 manual, I loaded the Ilford HP5+ in it and carried it around in my car for a week. Most of my shots were around our horse and the horse paddock. I attached a Canon 100-300 f/5.6 to give me a much different perspective to the one I had last month where I was shooting with a Fuji Cardia point and shoot at 28mm for the project.  

dale FFP Feb 2020

I stand developed the February HP5+ in a 1:100 Rodinal solution and loved the results. The photos came out great. I was very relieved that I did not have another underexposed roll out of this camera. Using the longer focal length allowed me to take some intimate landscapes and get some nice shots of wallabies hiding in the Summer Rye grass and amongst the Tea Trees.  

But, I have chosen this shot of a small bush to share. I was walking along the roadside in the late afternoon and the windswept shape of this bush and the Rye Grass foreground caught my eye.The overall structure in this shot emphasises a pull to the light. From the solid dark ground and up through the wispy bright Rye Grass leading the eye to the striking bush reaching towards the fading light. HP5+, I think I like you. 
                   dale rogers | 0466.539.927 

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