Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

This month the theme was structure, plus I had my yearly “block” you know when the urge to shoot photos is non-existant? It normally happens when the days turn grey and dull. But I fought it… one frame at a time. Once the battle was complete and all 24 frames were shot in the Nikon F75 I had to muster up the energy to develop the roll, one I wasn’t excited to do, which is not normal for me… dang the winter blues. Imagine my surprise to find a roll where I had a difficult time choosing just one photo! 

Sherry Christensen_

So, which one did I choose? Funny it was something I see every single day! The grain bin in my farm yard. Its definately a structure… but how can I make it interesting? I walked out there (got snow in my boots too!) and took a look at things… the kit lens wanted to distort things when open wide, so I looked at things from my perspective at around the 40mm focal length. Not bad… and the ladder was still there from earlier in the day when they put the lid on, looking a bit more interesting. The light was right too. Not super sunny, but not completely grey. Nice and soft, producing slight shadows. 

Since I can’t set the camera at ISO 800, dang the DX only… I once again used exposure compensation at -1 and developed in HC110 dil B for the 800 settings. It seems to work fine. Lets hope March is better!  

What do you think?

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