Frugal Film Project – Aragon Etzel



Want to know a secret? If you wait until the last day of February, then push real hard against the calendar, you can wedge one day right before March 1st. If you do it just right, a small window of opportunity leaps out at you providing an amazing 8 to 10 hours of good light, enough to make up for the other 28 days you didn’t get off your lazy bum and use your cheap camera to make any photos. 


My original plan was to do some double-exposure work, but life got in my way. However, the building and structure design at the Memphis Zoo came to my rescue. I love the Zoo! I have a yearly family membership and my family goes there several times a month. It’s never boring for me, at least, because I get to take pictures on whatever camera suits my fancy and they have monkeys at the zoo — I love the monkeys! This shot from the Holga is of the entrance to the “Northwest Passage” area. Entering here gives you access to all the wolves, black bears, polar bears, and sea lions. The entrance is a series of small totems and one giant one that welcome you as you ascend the path from the Teton Trek area. I tend to linger here often; the artwork and architecture are relaxing.   

I chose this particular image because of the way the totems seem to lean back due to the curvature of the meniscus lens in the Holga. 



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