Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

After reading a few articles on structure online, I found that searching for structure in images is much easier than searching for structure when you are taking photos.  Enjoyed the photowalk for this month’s project and even if I couldn’t find the perfect “structure” example, I certainly got some satisfactory photos.   Perhaps this image might have been better suited for the next month’s theme, “Signs”, but I really like it. This time I used Rodinal 1+50, instead of Xtol.  A bit more grain, but I like grain -especially that of HP5.   Also fresh stop bath and fix.   

Frugal Feb Fujica ST605 Helios44 hp5 rodinal 1to50 022920 024

Camera: Fujica ST605 

Lens: Helios 44m 

Film:. HP5+ at box speed 

Developer:. Rodinal 1+50 

What do you think?

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