Frugal Film Project – Jr Wyatt

The beautiful thing about photography is the unlimited ability to create. Sometimes what we see or how we see doesn’t come to fruition but that is okay. Down the street from my house there is a park that I have photographed many times with many different cameras. In my head, there is a way I want to capture the basketball hoop. Now this photo doesn’t represent that but it is close.


The neat thing about the Ciroflex TLR is that the photographer can create double exposures. Double exposures…. something I really enjoy creating. IMO, HP5 shines at 800 but the Ciroflex is limited with its shutter speed so when I shot this roll, 800 wasn’t an option. I rolled with 400 and they came out just fine. This is my first double exposure on the Ciroflex and I am looking forward to creating more. Enjoy.

What do you think?

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