Frugal Film Project – Sam Warner

Since the theme for February was “structure”, I began looking around my yard for subject matter that would fit the theme.  I came across the squirrel feeder we have screwed to a large tree in our backyard.  I felt this related to “structure” in several ways.  First, it’s a physical structure.  It’s made to look like a little house.  The squirrel must enter through one of two side “doors” in order to enter the room.  From there, it can reach the food in the jar. 

Photo Feb 02, 4 50 54 PM

Then I began to think about the “structure” having a consistent supply of foods provides our lives.  That’s the second way the feeder fit the theme.  We structure our day around our eating schedule.  We wake up early enough for breakfast.  We (mostly) take time out during our workday for lunch.  And we always make time for dinner.  For humans, our eating schedule provides the structure by which we plan our day.  Even WHAT we eat has a sort of structure.  Our diet is made up of certain building blocks such as protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains.  Structure, for me, was embodied in this image.  I’m sure the squirrel feels the same way.  If we stop filling the feeders, its life changes too. 

What do you think?

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