Frugal Film Project – Nick Orloff

FFP – March 2020 “sign”. 

Zorki 4 with 55mm Industar, HP5 

I’m a logical, straight up & down sort of guy most of the time, and when presented with a theme like “sign” I’d usually go looking for something really obvious, like an old advertising sign on the side of a building. 

 The F1 Grand Prix has been coming to Melbourne for 25 years now, and as it’s a street course though a park quite close to my home, I get to see it being constructed then taken down every year, like a giant Meccano set, and in some ways it’s a sign that another year has passed, and that summer is coming to an end. 

 The image I was going to use is the tyre wall and fencing – that’s what I see being built, and there’s nothing too pretty about it, but by the time race day arrives it will have been painted and covered with an advertising hoarding so it looks wonderful for the TV audience. 


But the race was called off the day before it was due to be run because of Covid-19 … there were fans lining up to get in when the decision was made to abandon. 


So the empty grandstand, having been finished only a few days earlier, was never used. And that’s my sign of 2020. 



Nick D. Orloff 

+61 413 200 311 



1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Nick Orloff

  1. The photo is made very poignant by the back story leaving the deflated forgotten tyres to reflect on past glories alone

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