Frugal Film Project – Aragon Etzel

March has been a somber month. I choose not to dwell on it as it’s nothing I have much control over. And while confined to my home and neighborhood waiting out this latest world issue, I decided to take a walk and clear my thoughts. With the Red Holga and a roll of Ilford HP5+, I went in search of the illusive “sign” to photograph.  

 This particular sign is in the driveway of my old high school vice principal’s home. He passed on many years ago, but I grew up running around this very neighborhood I now live in and this sign has always been there. I’d bet it’s 40 years old if it’s a day.  

EPSON scanner image

I’ve wanted to photograph it for a while but I’m a shy person and never extroverted enough to ask the previous owner for permission. Today, however, the new owner was moving in and while somewhat maintaining safe social distance while we talked, he gave me permission to photograph this historic basketball goal.  

The Holga shoots 1/100 at f/11 and today was a mostly cloudy day. I developed with D76 1:1 @ 68F for 13 minutes and did some contrast work in Lightroom.  

What do you think?

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