Frugal Film Project – Dale Rogers


Plastic No Name Camera 

Ilford HP5+ 

I found this plastic camera in a local opportunity shop. I suspect it was brand new and was in the original flimsy box. This camera was a branded and or promotional giveaway camera with a Merrill Lynch logo. It’s a nice se of clear blue plastic with no metal or glass parts. No shutter speed, aperture or focus options.  

 I carried the camera loaded with Ilford HP5+ around with me in my car. Once all 36 frames were exposed I stand developed the roll in Rodinal. Surprisingly all of the photos came out fairly well exposed. I suppose this is due to the great exposure latitude of the Ilford film. However, I could see light leaks in some of the photos and some clear lens distortion in others. 


On one evening I led a long exposure photography workshop at my favourite Phillip Island venue – Cadillac Canyon. I pulled out the plastic camera and fired off a couple of shots during the workshop. This month’s photo was one of those shots. You can tell the camera plastic lens is probably not the sharpest but the photo came out surprisingly well especially given the early evening blue hour light.  

As for the camera, it’s not my cup of tea but I suspect it would make an interesting lomo camera with some punchy colour film. We’ll see in a few months when I shoot Lomo 800 with it.  

Dale Rogers, Phillip Island, Australia 

photo rangers 

2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Dale Rogers

  1. Wonderful….can you share a picture of this special camera on Facebook page?

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