Frugal Film Project – Matt Melcher

Comings and goings. 

We make our way from here to there. Oddly enough, I took this photo on a bridge less that a mile from where I grew up. None of this was here when I was a kid. This was a gravel road back then (not the subject matter – where I am standing), and a bad one at that. I remember riding our bikes down to about this spot. There was a hill we used to ride down with all kinds of trails and jumps. But we need to get from point A to point B these days. One more relic of my childhood.   

Kodak No 2 Hawk-Eye Cartridge005

 Camera: Kodak No. Hawk-Eye Cartridge. This is an old one – right around a hundred years old. It takes 120 format film, which is kind of strange for a Kodak camera. They pushed their own 620 format cameras because they produced 620 film. The camera pre-dates the 620 format by a good 10-12 years. It’s such a simple and easy camera to use. 

Film: Fresh dated Ilford Hp5+. It’s 400 iso rated, but there is no way to account for that with the camera. This was shot on a sunny but somewhat cloudy day. 

 Developer: D-96. This developer is practically the dame as Kodak’s ubiquitous D-76. It just has one extra chemical that helps maintain the pH as it gets used. Other wise it’s the exact same, so I used the same developing time as D-76 stock 7:30. [Text Wrapping Break] 



“You shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you” 

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