Frugal Film Project – Betsey Karl

Sign, sign everywhere a sign….
And that’s the theme for March’s photo.  This time, in mid-march, I took to the grocery store….my idea, to take photos of empty store shelves and the like.  “Signs of the Times”.  But, in the days before being required to wear a mask…we came across friends of ours also shopping.
Nicole is the youngest of three in her family.  Two older brothers, the one closest in age is good friends with my son.  To say Nicole knows how to handle the torment and teasing her older brothers, and by extension, their friends, can dish out is understatement of the year. It’s a wonderful family-full of love and fun, and if you are friends with them, you’re included in all of it.  And if you’re not, but need a helping hand, Nicole’s parents take over and help.  So, to be the confident, compassionate individual that Nicole is, is a given.
nicole and bday cake nikkormat hp5-961
Nicole, her brothers, and her mom were all born during tax season.  Who does that? Especially when Nicole’s mom is a tax accountant!  But….because of those birthdays….Nicole’s is the last in early April, the “family party” is in March. Complete with three different kinds of cake, for all the family birthdays.  Nicole was put in charge of getting the ice cream cake.   You can see how she feels about it J
Nikkormat ftn, hp5 shot at 800, xtol stock.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Betsey Karl

  1. Hi, this is a great idea. Can everyone contribute content?

    1. We are a closed group, but you can play along unofficially on IG with the hashtag #frugalfilmproject

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