Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

Hey… who’s up for a drink?  

I know this little hole in the wall, rip snortin’ saloon … oh wait… it’s closed! 

Welcome to the Alamo Saloon. I’m not sure how long its been closed, but it looks like a real wild west saloon! Maybe because it once was… so when I took a recent trip to Arizona to visit my parents I asked them to take me to small out of the way towns with vintage signs. At first they didn’t get why I wanted photos of old signs and in black and white to boot!  

Now my parents are of the generation when colour film just came into the mainstream and was considered “better”, so I get them saying everytime I shoot black & white “too bad its black and white” and where that comes from… but The Alamo looks perfect in black and white. Even they admitted it was the correct choice for the photo.  

Sherry Christensen_

So on to some of the technical stuff: 

Nikon F75 and kit lens 28-100  

Ilford HP5 shot at ISO 800 (yes even in the bright sun!) the camera has enough capacity to handle this. I did use aperture priority mode set on f/16. 

Basically it is a point and shoot camera in this situation… but the plastic fantastic has performed well! So far… this lens has really shocked me. I had once dismissed these zooms as being inferior, but they are actually quite good!  

4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

  1. Wow the contrast is amazing! Great shot!

  2. It’s totally mindblowing 😊 what a wonderful composed photograph!

    1. Thank you! Such fun visiting these old places…

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