Frugal Film Project – Betsey Karl

I’m not really sure what to say this month. The theme is red…and look, there is a red shed across the yard. So, we’ve got that. and you can’t tell, but Mach is standing in a red barn. I guess I need to say more? ok…here it goes…

I am NOT liking this lomo 800 color film. Its grainy and has weird color shifting and well, its just not my thing. At least two of my three rolls are like this. Back in December, I think it was, I realized I did not have any lomo 800. Guess what? neither did any stores-brick or online! for a nanosecond there was 120 film…but, my 120 cameras all cost more than the $50…and I really did not want to try to hunt down a 50- medium format camera. SO, I bought off of ebay. From Australia.

macho lomo 800-073

Now.. mind you, I have nothing against Aussies…heck, their facebook page of “Bin Isolation Outing” is the highlight of my day! but…is it possible the film had been abused (look you Ausssies, I drank with enough of you during my college years to know you are completely capable of destroying a house or a dorm room in about 30 seconds!)…but perhaps x-rayed in transit? something? anyway…I am sad that I spent too much $ for three rolls of film . You get two more months of me whining about this. And I apologize for that.

nikkormat ftn, 50 mm lens. used my cell phone lightmeter app.

What do you think?

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