Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

Red? The theme is red??? There is nothing red except maybe a few faded farm implements and stop signs… the snow has finally partially melted and its nice outside… but where am I going to find red? I went on the hunt for red items. Challenge accepted. It is not a lot of red… it used to be a lot brighter red, but hey, it says Red Power on it. So the old tractor we use to plow snow wins the April theme of Red.

Sherry Christensen_-5

I love Lomo 800, but tried shooting it at 400 and developing as normal. This stuff loves the light… the Nikon f75 metered well in aperture priority mode as well. I’m not sure I love the kit lens, there is no focus ring so I can’t manually focus it, so I have to mess with the focus/recompose method. But it is sharp enough.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

  1. It looks like a nice shot! I like seeing these challenges.

  2. There are so many lines in this composition, it almost reads as a purely abstract image. I like it!

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