Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

The theme for the month of June was green. Here in middle Georgia, by the middle of June we’ve seen plenty of green, kudzu and other vines are already draping over everything and the color kinda gets associated with out of control honeysuckle, wisteria, greenbriar,  knee high grass  stalks a week after mowing, and swampy humid heat.  Not to mention mosquitos.
I could easily have chosen a photo with lots of green, but hey, this is Lomo 800.  For this roll, I made a circuitous road trip that passed through some small, quaint towns, and the town’s themselves were more interesting for the color roll in the Nikon N55 than the endless fields of cotton, corn and peanuts I was shooting in black and white with the Mamiya C330.
Nikon N55 FFP June lolo800 0620 011-Edit
When I finally developed the roll, I was really pleased – lots of keepers.  My favorites were taken in Barnesville, Georgia.   Barnesville was once dubbed the “Buggy Capital of the South”, as the town produced about 9,000 buggies a year around the turn of the century.  It also served as a major hospital site during the Civil War.  For the photo, I wish I could have had a slightly wider lens, as I was backed up against a wall and the kit was limited to 28mm.  I will share some other photos from the roll after this project entry posts.
Nikon N55 with kit lens
Lomo 800, home developed

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

  1. I love how the real sky and the mural sky blend together.

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