Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

Beautiful light? Easy Peasy right??

Why is it raining every day? AGGGHHH! Well I have a roll of 36 to burn through, I can shoot in the rain some, see how Lomo 800 reacts to the dull overcast flat light. Personally I don’t find flat light beautiful for landscapes… its great for portraits though!

Near the end of the month we got an evening with pretty golden light and I found this old school! Most of these are being torn down, the one I shot last year for this project is now gone. This is the Porter Lake School – which ran from 1928 – 1952. It was clearly marked “No Trespassing” so I shot from the roadside… thankfully this is one time a zoom lens pays off!

Sherry Christensen - June

Once again, I don’t mind the no frills small plastic fantastic Nikon F75… but I dislike the 28-100g lens more each month. The optics are decent, but the lack manual focus and longer than I’m used to size are the major dislikes.

Not going to lie… I’m going to miss Lomo 800, Ektar is pretty hit and miss for me… but I have an experiment that might help!

4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

  1. I wish I could find old school buildings around here. This is such a cool shot. I dig the blue, red, green and how they all have their own third of the frame. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! And I agre with you about Lomo 800. It surprised me. Also not a fan of Ektar. But It seems to be working for me…..

    1. Struggling with my ektar… as always!

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