Week Thirty One – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

I am a bit late posting today… got a little bit behind on my developing! Ok, I have a box of film waiting still, but these are fresh off the scanner today!

So, its harvest time, if I had any clue exactly WHAT kind of harvest was in store I would have ran and hid my head! But at this point things were going pretty good.SherryChristensen

The weather was nice, the machines were running well and life was good!


The grain wasn’t dry, but we took it off with the intention of drying it later. Better in the bin than under the snow… after all this is Canada! The past couple falls have not been great weather wise… so we got going as early as possible. SherryChristensen-2

and then…


it rained! Not much, just enough to shut down any field work for a few days…

As for my film photo project, I did manage to shoot a couple rolls. As predicted I didn’t manage a roll per week during this time, but that’s ok… I did get some harvest photos! But that wasn’t all this fall had in store for us… I will share as the story unfolds and I finish developing the photos!

What do you think?

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