Week Thirty Two – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

My timeline may get a little mixed up here… I had a backlog of developing to do. Caught up on the c41… but still have some B&W to do, which is new ground for me…

So let’s go back to September…

What happens when the rain stops on the farm during harvest? Things get fixed!SherryChristensen-26

Adjustments to the feeder chain are happening here, so things are ready to go again!


Pieces that are holding together in hopes you can finish before it breaks are repaired…


and soon work will resume! Hopefully quickly… time is limited. We have approximately 6 weeks to get 3000 acres done.


and soon… the clouds clear… the machines are ready, and we go like crazy! I forget to take many photos… so my 52 weeks may really be extended a couple weeks…


I am shooting a few frames here and there… but in reality I am shooting my iPhone the most! I won’t show those here, this is a film project!


What do you think?

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