Week Thirty Three – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

When I started out last January with the thought of trying this 52 roll project I knew there were going to be times when I just could not shoot. Now is one of those times…

Yes… I shot a few frames here and there, but with the insane work hours of harvest I just did not have any time for photos. Typical work day starts at 8am and ends around midnight, no coffee breaks, no breaks for meals… you eat while driving the equipment. In reality Week Thirty Three was postponed… no big deal… I can delay my project to just over the year mark as long as I shoot my 52 rolls! So lets skip ahead ten days and call it Week Thirty Three! Is that cheating? No… my goal was 52 rolls in just over a year, allowing for this time of year!

And then I shot an entire roll in a hour! What the…


No, this is not normal weather! But I did want to document a freak September snowstorm!


Looks pretty, but not so much for a farmer… reason being is the short time span we have to get the crop off, each weather delay reduces grade of the grain (meaning it is worth less money) and the yield (meaning there is less grain!)


This also means less of a yearly paycheque for me.


The weather also did something strange to the leaves… they stayed green until they fell off the trees! So not much for pretty fall colours this year. But it did produce something very different and beautiful in its own way.


such a strange sight… bright green leaves, some fall foliage and snow!


Hopefully it clears off soon and we get back to work… at this point we are maybe 40% finished harvest.


What do you think?

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