Week Thirty Four – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Its been a week… not a wheel has turned! Not a full roll has been shot either… opps. But I have caught up on the paperwork that comes with running a farm. The suns out… time to go again! These grain bins need filled! I also have never tried developing my own B&W… I sent this away and the scans were back after harvest. Since this was a roll I started a long time ago I only used the photos shot at the proper date. Plus I’m not a B&W shooter… it takes me a long time to shoot a roll of monochrome!


I did however pull out a few cameras that had frames shot on them and finish up the rolls. This one is recut 127 film… looks like I had a light leak! I like it anyway… most of the roll turned out good, just a few near the end had a leak… so maybe during the recutting some light got in? I’m not sure…


She would probably be mad if she knew I took this photo and put it online… but thats what Moms do… plus I’m pretty proud my girl has decided to carry on the family farm. We currently have 3 generations working the land.


He is 71 years young and ready for a full day of work! Dad will forever be a farmer. Now lets get this crop in the bin!




What do you think?

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