Week Thirty Five – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Sigh… I missed another week! But that is awesome… because the combine is rolling and the harvest is going great! Thanksgiving is coming up… looks like turkey sandwiches in the field! Then I checked the weather… please be wrong! Go, go go…

And then things really fell apart. Remember last week and there is a photo of my Dad… ready to go? Well… he calls and asks me to do the hills, he’s not feeling great. “I have bad acid reflux.” Hmmm… so I go over in the hills, but call my husband and ask him to ride with Dad for a bit, something isn’t right.

While later my Mom shows up and Dad leaves, still not feeling well. My daughter who had a 30 minute lesson climbs in his combine with my grandson and takes over. I am seriously worried…


but lets get that grain off… snow is in the forecast… again!

Hours later Mom calls… Dad has had a heart attack, while running the combine and instead of shutting down he takes off two more hoppers! I tell her not to worry all is going well in the field, lets get Dad better, but in my heart I am worried sick.

I keep on going, hoping to at least finish the field before the weather gets bad, as a few flakes of snow are falling now. If it stays like this it will be ok. Two hours later I get a snowfall warning on my phone! Seriously??? That can’t be right… I have one hour left here… please let me finish!

It was not my lucky day… not even fifteen minutes later I was lucky to drive the machine out of the field without getting stuck! Then drive home on icy roads in a raging blizzard where I can hardly see… in a combine!


Six inches of snow later… well… Happy Thanksgiving! At least we are all living to tell the tale! That I am thankful for. Will we get our crop off?

What do you think?

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