Week Forty – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Twelve more rolls! That’s it!!! What a ride it has been… plus my rolls got a bit mixed up. I didn’t finish my last roll of B&W… so I will jump ahead a bit. Only a week…

Dad ended up needing a pacemaker… so we stayed in the city a little longer than planned. In total Dad was there a month, myself three weeks. I’m home… I missed seeing my grandson on Halloween, plus he is learning to skate! I’m excited to watch him.


He is telling me “Grandma I can go so fast I can fly!” He is almost three.


Next year… hockey!


2 thoughts on “Week Forty – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. I could no longer do one roll a week. I still have a half-shot roll in my OM2n from last summer. So congratulations!

    1. Crazy in reality I have 2 rolls left to go, Iā€™m just tardy blogging them. šŸ™„

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