Week 44 – 52 Roll Film Photography Project


Birthday time again! We seem to have a lot of winter birthdays in the family, November, December & January are busy with birthdays!


It’s my daughters birthday… while we didn’t do anything except have a family supper and visit, it was a good evening. This is also the Kodak GT800, but this time a Canon Rebel G with the 40mm pancake lens. It is just about my favourite combination for everyday photography.


I did use the popup flash here as well. Not the worlds best choice… but it worked out fine.     Life is hectic in Decemeber, so I find myself shooting mostly snapshots, but they are important too… plus I’m shooting, not like in past years when I just didn’t bother because it wasn’t a perfect shot!




2 thoughts on “Week 44 – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. I agree, snapshots are just as important, in some ways perhaps more important. Most of the old family pics I have, going back around 80 years, are just that.

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