Frugal Film Project – Kate Johnson

 Fisheye on the Little Free Library Boxes  

For this month I took out my favorite Minolta SRT-202 and my Zenitar Fisheye Lens using the assigned Ilford HP5 film.  Since the lens does not synch with the light meter, I usually shoot ‘sunny 16’ +1 to +2 stops over.   You may have Little Free Library Boxes in your hometown.  It is a book sharing movement.  You add books to give away or loan as the case may be, and I have placed a few books in my local Box.

  The location of a box on my street gave me the idea to shoot them for this project. But the box location and fisheye effect I found most interesting was at the Children’s Museum in my town. I chose this image because it breaks all the rules for composition. And I liked that! To see the box on my street and some of the others Visit My Blog

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