Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis


A funny little story accompanies this photo and provides the title.

Valentina Shevchenko lived exclusively on gumminess.  Gummy worms, gummy bears, sour gummies, gummy everything.  In the morning she had gummy vitamins.  At night she had gummy melatonin.  To stay regular she ate fiber and probiotic gummies.  When she felt a cold coming on, she had gummy C, gummy zync and even sometimes gummy echinachea.  She couldn’t stand to put anything not gummy in her mouth – the texture of anything else to her felt like DUSTY OLD BRICKS.  Eventually, her teeth became gummy, and then disappeared one by one, until all that was left in her mouth were her gums.  But for her, this was just fine.  And so she carried on with her gummy lifestyle until she died in 2019.  A gummy tombstone marks her final resting place.  It is surrounded by a glass enclosure, to prevent it from dissolving in the rain. 

Fujica st605 helios44 HP5 xtol 011820 004

Camera:. Fujica ST605 

Lens:. Helios 44m 

Film:  HP5 plus 

Developer:  Xtol 1:1 

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