Frugal Film Project – Kate Johnson

I was having a hard time deciding on my March Subject.   But I was inspired by Sam Warner’s February comments not to try so hard, or over think the process, and just go with what I felt.  And then, on the last HP5 roll that I developed, Ahhhhhhh, precisely what I needed. 

I had thought about using a sign, but it looked terrible…….Then I saw ‘A Day at the Park’.  I have taken several photos of the dock at a park near my house.  There is just something about it that draws me back.  


Most of the time I avoid having people in my photos, but this seemed appropriate.  We are all simply enjoying an unusually warm March day in the Park.  

Images were taken with my Minolta XG-A and my Tamron28-200 mm zoom lens with a dark yellow filter; Film of course, Ilford HP5 at EI 400.  I did do a bit of cropping of the cloudless blue sky. View my other March Posting Options Here. 


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