Frugal Film Project – Sam Warner

The theme for March was “sign.  I knew right where to look for some cool signs.   Franklin, Ohio, the small town where I live, is full of murals, ghost signs on the sides of buildings, and historical markers.  The mural I chose shows classic cars in front of a diner, a scene straight out of the 50’s.  A little further down the street, there’s a sign for Happy Days, a jukebox repair shop. 

20200331 Cosina CT1 Super (Ilford HP5 400)(HC-110, B)(Frugal - March)008(2)

I chose this photo because it says “small town USA”.  I think there’s a street similar to this one in every small town in the United States.  I once heard someone say “If you really want to see America, get off of the interstate and drive through the small towns.”  I really believe this to be true. 

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