Frugal Film Project – Kate Johnson

I have 3 favorite spots in a nearby Park, where I always test new ‘cameras’ or new films.  Not having a lot of experience with the Diana F+ or Lomo 800, I started my photographic journey there.  And I have two pretty good results.  But I chose the “Reflections” as my April Post.  You can see the other location HERE.

Both locations are on Waneka Lake, which has an interesting history.  It began as an impounded spring for cattle watering.  Then was dammed and expanded for use as a water source for an early electrical power plant.  I’ve previously written a historical summary here.  And I showed the boat dock in HP5 B&W for last month’s posting. 


Tech Info:  The Diana F+, which includes Bulb and Pinhole Settings.  I can tell you from experiments on this first roll that Pinhole IS NOT a good application of Lomo 800 (or any ISO 800 film).  This film is intended for low-light, not long exposures. Don’t know why I wasn’t thinking about that??



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