Frugal Film Project – Dale Rogers

At the beginning of April, while practising self-isolation due to COVID-19, I slipped a roll of Lomography Color 800 into my cheap Fujifilm Cardia Travel Mini Wide-P. The camera sat on my desk for most of the month untouched. I was rarely away from the house and had little motivation to shoot. At the end of the month I started going for walks and carrying the camera along. On one such occasion, it was immediately before a storm rolled onto my little island.


A couple was sitting on a viewing platform watching the storm roll in and the sunset. I was unsure how Lomo 800 and the point and shoot Fuji would perform in the dynamic lighting of the moment. I shot an entire roll on that walk and when the images came back from the developer, I was pleasantly surprised. This was my favourite image from the roll but I am keener to shoot the next roll in May.

Dale Rogers, Phillip Island, Australia

Fuji Cardia Travel Mini Wide-P

Lomography Color 800

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Dale Rogers

  1. Love the couple you caught sitting there. I didn’t notice right away, only when you mentioned it. Lovely.

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