Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

“Ah, this month we switched to Lomo 800 color film.  I will admit that by the end of last year’s project, in which I shot Superia 400 for the entire year, I had no desire to shoot color film anymore.  Happily, as I began scanning this roll, the color was very nice and I am no longer “tired of it.”
JPG Nikon N55 70-300 lomo800 043020 018~2
April also means a new camera for the project – I decided to go with the plastic fantastic Nikon N55, which I picked up a couple years ago from a Goodwill – with a kit lens, a 70-300mm lens, and a bag -all for $25.  Have to admit, this camera, for a cheap SLR, is really good.
The theme this month was red, and my love usually has something in her back yard that’s red.  So, I present to you a rose, shot with the 70-300mm lens.
Special thanks to Monette Cruz for finding some extra 35mm Lomo 800 in her freezer and sparing some, as it has become quite difficult to find.”

5 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

  1. Wow. Rich color and amazing bokeh. Beautiful photograph!

    1. Thanks! Yeah that 70-300 really is a great lens.

  2. This picture is exceptionally beautiful! The rose…..

    1. Thank you!

  3. Hi! Beautiful and Bright Color Rose. Nice post. Good luck!…

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