Frugal Film Project – Dan Marinelli

Lomo 800 has been a favorite 35mm film stock of mine for a long time, but it’s never in stock when I want to shoot it…For the Frugal Film project, I am continuing to shoot with my old Zeiss 120 folder and fortunately, Lomo 800 is 120 is (almost) always in stock. I spent the first three months of the year working out the kinks with the camera and Ilford Hp5, so I felt I could hit the ground running during April and get back to some color photography, which I usually prefer for most endeavors.


I did play around with some very slow exposure settings and a tripod during the pre-dawn hours. I hadn’t shot in the dark for a while so it took a few reps to get the look I was going for. I also did some full sunshine overexposures because the Zeiss’s fastest shutter speed is 1/200 and the smallest aperture is f/22 so at best I was a half a stop overexposed on most of these shots, ( except for one super underexposed shot, no idea what happened there…) I don’t think I quite nailed the theme good enough for the contact sheet approach from last month but I gave it a try anyway along with a few of my favorites from the roll. I am already well underway on May’s theme ( lines ) and excited to share these images with you.

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