Frugal Film Project – Betsey Karl

So this months topic is lines…and the film is still that darned Lomo 800!  This time…I just could not bear to use a photo from the first two rolls I shot of the lomo 800 in 35mm.  And the third roll went MIA.   So…I ordered 120.  But……(and there is always a BUT…let’s just term it Betsey’s Blunders) 

 To Shoot 120, you need a medium format camera.  I have TWO medium format cameras.  A Rolleiflex and a Rolleicord.  Neither fit the budget guidelines for Frugal Film.  What’s a person to do?  Enter…D.W. Nickerson….who had 3-d printed a medium format pinhole camera. And because he is my friend-sold it to me for the princely sum of $6.35.   

I have to tell you. I love this little piece of plastic.  It looks like a battery kind of.  Its fun as anything to use.  Hilariously so!  And now, I found a use for Lomo 800. Which is really funny… 800 speed film in a pinhole, and oh yeah, I stand developed because….well, just because.  I had painted a picnic table blue and got the lines! (Look Sherry! for once I pay attention!) I took photo at dusk.  In real life, its a very pretty blue. I even like it in this photo.  

dw pinhold lomo 800 deck -207

And the even more fun part of this…no, its not that I didn’t need to swear at this film.  Dustin knew what he was doing.  Got me hooked on how fun pinhole could be. And then sold me an Ondu pinhole camera… so… while I’ve sat here saying NO NEW CAMERAS… the real punctuation is NO! New Cameras! (followed by a YAY!!!!) 

Lomo 800 

The D.W. Special 

Stand developed 


1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Betsey Karl

  1. Wow I really love the lines and the deep color saturation! A beautiful shot 😊

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