Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

May… busy time for me. Crops are being planted here on the farm… everyone is going full tilt! So I grabbed the Nikon F75 and put it in the cup holder in the tractor… it was a perfect fit. When it came time to choose my shot for this month it was a difficult choice! There was the usual scenery… which I love, but there are a few derelict old farm yards where I was working. So just before getting in the tractor for the day I took a half hour and shot about half the roll there.

Sherry Christensen_

Keeping in mind the theme is lines… not just old neat looking stuff, yikes this is hard! But the old chevy that had been hand painted blue over the original red won. The bullet holes were a bonus… I guess the old car made a good target for someone. Do I still like the camera and lens?

The camera yes. The lens… not as much. Its a G or gelded lens, meaning there is no focus ring, so you are relying on the camera to focus for you. A challenge when you want to focus close up and to the side… you can do it, but it is a lot harder than it should be, requiring you to use a separate button on the back of the camera. Those with larger hands would hate this. I kind of wish the lens was a bit smaller as well…

What do you think?

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