Frugal Film Project – Nick Orloff

Beautiful light is, of course, in the eye of the photographer, and always seems to occur when the camera isn’t handy … but it seems I got lucky with Melbourne having a week or so of wonderful, soft, early winter sunshine – the sort of the light you can shoot in at midday and get flattering results.


I’d always stayed away from Lomo 800 – I like to shoot wide open apertures (#bokeh) and most of my film gear tops out at 1/500 – but it seems I’ve discovered a new favorite colour film, I just love it’s slightly desaturated look!

After dropping my roll of 120 Lomo 800 as I was taking it out of the camera, and rapidly running out of June, I decided to break the rule I made just a month ago and put my new Frugal Minolta into action. Happily no problems.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Nick Orloff

  1. Beautiful shot, Nick. The delicate tracery of the cobwebs in the corner is especially lovely. You’ve got to love it when Melbourne weather coincides with the miracle of having a camera on hand.

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