Frugal Film Project – Sam Warner

For June, I chose to shoot the Mamiyaflex Automat A, loaded with Lomography Color 800 (shot at an ISO of 640) 

JPEG image

Even in the midst of Covid-19, we were able to fit a vacation in.  We had scheduled the vacation in January, before Covid-19’s had placed a firm grip on the world.  Our vacation spot was somewhere we’d vacationed before, a very secluded private house on Nelson Bay, part of the Souther Outer Banks.  In years past when we had visited here, we seldom saw another person while at the house.  We altered our normal travel plans for this year, packing all of our food and driving straight there from home, a 12.5 hour drive.  Once there, we spent a week on the beach.  A small boardwalk from the house led to this dock, where we spent each day putting our feet in the water, watching for dolphins (we did see some on our first evening there), and watching the Pelicans and Osprey fish.   

The Mamiyaflex is slowly becoming one of my favorite cameras to shoot. 

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Sam Warner

  1. This is truly a wonderful picture!

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