Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

Green… oh why could green been last month? When the plants were new and greener! I have Ektar to shoot… groan! The one film that I have a poor success rate with. Its either really good or… really bad! I’m expecting the latter… but I have an idea! It may not work… but it might! 

So I start digging in my box of filters, it’s a huge box of filters… but it seems my lens is a weird size! I have none, not even a UV filter that size! Off to the bay… where I find myself a $16 polarizing filter, its even a Tiffen! See, where I live has a slight blue tint to the atmosphere, leaving all photos on the cool side, which is the pits for Ektar. I am hoping that a polarizer will cut that a bit and help produce a better result. 

So what did I get? I have 36 shots to play around. On an overcast day the filter didn’t do much at all. On a partially sunny day it really helped a lot, but on a full sun day? Wowee! I chose to share a partially sunny/overcast day shot this month, where the filter helped the most. Normally on a shot like this… it would be “blah” just ok but the filter really made things pop! 

Lets hope August is as good!

Frugal Film Project – The Zine!

The Frugal Film Project: one camera, one film, one year. Follow 13 photographers around the globe who complete this project…

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

    1. I was shocked it turned out so well to be honest

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