Frugal Film Project – Marius Voicu

FFP 2020 – September – Nature 

Honestly, I don’t know when the summer passed. Maybe it’s because of the COVID-19 situation, I don’t know, but all I know is that Autumn has arrived in all her glory and we are left with a bad or not so good memory of summer time. Well… it is what it is and we will have to get used to this until all will be back to normal or “update” or normal state and “live” with this virus as we do with the common cold or the flu. But enough with the sad state of things, we have to be positive and hope that all will be OK someday. 

This month’s theme was a more usual and very pleasant, since I am a big fan of autumn scenery and capturing the colors that nature has to offer… in the right places, of course. Now, since I live in a city, there are not that many places where you would find beautiful autumn scenery (I guess one has to look for them if one expects to find some). And with the current situation (yes, I keep coming back to this, but this is the last time I mention it) walking and exploring is not that recommended in a busy and crowded city. This is the perfect time to get out of the city and go somewhere closer to nature and with a lot less people so that we can explore to our heart’s content. Lucky for me my in-laws have a house in a remote village, near the forest, surrounded by hills (very lucky me indeed). Since we were planning to visit them but couldn’t in August, we thought that September would be just great. So, there was my opportunity to shoot my month’s roll.  

I am not sure how is the weather in your country in September, but here in Romania the autumn is just starting and things are not that awesome as I would have wanted them to be, but one has to find a way to shoot subjects and make his own autumn scenery. By the middle of October do we finally get those yellow-red leaves in the trees and some fallen on the ground, that make some of the most beautiful autumn scenery. But alas, October is not far away and I can wait a bit longer.  

When we arrived, I started scouting the area near the forest to see where can I find some potential subjects that would be just magical to shoot. After I entered the forest, I could see an old, unused road and the sunlight was breaking through the trees creating a beautiful scene. I just had a Kodak moment and snapped that shutter 3 times in slightly different positions to capture the scene since I had no idea how the lens would perform. I never tested the lens fully in direct sunlight, so this was a perfect time to test it, good as any I would get (One cannot fully or completely test a lens’s capability to handle direct sunlight from all angles, but one can try when the time comes).  

Since I had just began to shoot the roll and the weather seemed perfect, it was a shame to call it a day now. Instead I wandered off for about 2-3 hours and finished the roll, getting 6-7 very good keepers worthy of this month’s theme. At the end of my shooting session I was a happy camper and was very glad that I could enjoy nature again, before the winter comes and makes everything so lonely and sad (I guess winter has its moments too). When the time came to choose a frame for submitting, I remembered how hard it was last year’s edition of FFP when we had to choose 6 keepers to submit.        

Frugal Film Project – The Zine!

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Marius Voicu

  1. Wow! Beautiful. The leaves are turning here in Tennessee in the US. I think our seasons are similar in timing to yours, however, we’re a tad bit more south than you, so we’re still in the 70s and 80s here. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I am a bit north so that is why autumn is near it’s end.

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