Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

September… the theme is nature and the leaves are starting to change, fall is here, frost warnings are more prevalent… its that time of year. Fortunately the theme is nature…so I go out and shoot all but 8 frames. I was hoping to finish the roll and develop it this evening, but life had other plans for me.  

As luck would have it… those last 8 frames turned out to be the ones I loved. I know I have shot this barn a million times… but with a polarizing filter on? No… I have not done that and I know there are some good frames on the roll if these don’t work out.  

I had a bit more of a struggle getting the settings correct, since the camera was set to aperture priority mode… in fact the shutter won’t fire if you have it set too slow, since you have no idea what the exact speed is in aperture priority it was a bit of a puzzle… and the light is fading fast! Lucky I figured out a work around. The last 4 frames I had to take off the polarizer because it was getting too dark. If my lens was a bit quicker… there would be no problem, but… I’m sticking with the kit lens and f3.5- F/5 is what I have to work with! Overall I was happy with the results. 


p.s. its my birthday today!

Frugal Film Project – The Zine!

The Frugal Film Project: one camera, one film, one year. Follow 13 photographers around the globe who complete this project…

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4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

  1. Happy born day glad u exist

  2. This is a fascinating idea. So… how does one get engaged in this Frugal Film Project? Are you planning a 2021 version, by any chance?

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