Frugal Film Project – Dan Marinelli

Funny thing, I lost my camera for a couple of weeks and then found it under the front passenger seat of the car! There was some heat exposure because you can see some waves in the emulsion.

I brought this camera down to mainland Mexico in mid-September for the last roll of Ektar. I have always found the tropical latitudes, with their combination of bright colors and bright sun, to be ideal locations to shoot Ektar. I set the camera at f8 and 1/200, then never touched the settings again. One of the subjects I always enjoy shooting are the areas of interface between human environments and “nature”. These boundaries are where all the action from an evolutionary perspective and every part of the world treats them a little bit differently and generates its own style so to speak. If you have spent a lot of time in Mexico or Central America, you may recognize some of these styles immediately. Here are a few of favorites from the trip.


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