Frugal Film Project – Monette Cruz

For October, I decided to switch cameras, and will use my Pentax-ME Super for the rest of 2020. I took this camera while travelling through Japan and the Philippines earlier this year, and shot a few rolls of Ilford HP5+ for the project. 

Just like what I did in the previous months, I went out on my walks with the camera. It was difficult for me to transition back to shooting B&W, as I’ve only used color films in the past 6 months. To help me with this issue, I decided to go with what I thought was October’s theme “out of focus”, I later realized that “curves” was actually this month’s theme. I took a few shots of the flowers at different angles, and at different apertures. This photo is my favorite from the roll.

Pentax ME Super with Pentax-M 50 f/2 on Kodak Tri-X 400 


Frugal Film Project – The Zine!

The Frugal Film Project: one camera, one film, one year. Follow 13 photographers around the globe who complete this project…

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3 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Monette Cruz

  1. Dreamy photo! I always wanted a Pentax ME Super. I love my old K1000, but have sometimes thought how nice it would be to have a timer on board, and a quieter shutter. Love to hear more about yours, and see more pictures!

    1. I’ also have a K1000 but I prefer to use the little Pentax ME Super. I’ll be using it again for next year’s project.

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